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Impression Dental understands the importance of keeping their patients informed about the latest news and advice in oral health. That’s why we put together this blog to share some great information. Be sure to visit our blog frequently to see what’s new. If you have any questions about our blog posts or general dental services, please contact Impression Dental in Edmonton.

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Additional Benefits of Botox Therapy

Self-esteem has a significant impact on how we go about our daily lives. The way you feel about yourself is a combination of many different factors, one of those being how comfortable you feel in your own skin. Many people choose to enhance their self-esteem with Botox therapy. Read More

How to Prevent Gym Disease with Proper Oral Care

Gum disease is a common oral health condition caused by the buildup of too much plaque bacteria in the oral cavity. If plaque is not removed, it eventually hardens into a rough coating on the surface of the teeth known as tartar. Read More

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